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There are many websites out there that look at individual cities. These are tourist trap websites and we are not one of them. CityLeaves is much more than a tourist website, it is a digital hub for an entire city. We accommodate for everyone who may live, visit or work in a city. Furthermore our content is unique and it’s built by YOU!

It doesn’t stop there, we are in exclusive partnership with one of the largest outdoor public access companies in the UK (Public DataWeb) who help put our content in the streets across a range of touch screen units and city wide FREE WiFi access points.

CityLeaves is a cohesive portal all about your city. Everyone and every business and service provider in the city or with a local interest can be included and can contribute. For commercial organisations they can have a unique extra outlet for their activities: with the knowledge that they are reaching their local population.

Individuals, groups and charities in fact anyone with a story, a service, an idea or historical information, anyone can have free representation. And they and everyone else will benefit.


Contributors will have their own websites prioritised and linked into a cohesive framework; easy to find, easy to use and of high value to users; the local community.

All advertising will be shared to contributors, individuals can promote local products and services and join with vendors in a local and national affiliates programme. So contributors have an opportunity to benefit from their contributions.

Retailers can promote their services and website and their products can feature juxtaposed to off site and external digital retailing competition from outsiders.

On a network such as this the focus is upon operating internationally but focusing locally assisting the local enterprises and contributors to think seek and act locally.

In the wider digital world its too easy to purchase goods from far off retailers who contribute little or nothing of value to the local community. Whereas we do.

Also the entire focus of online digital activity is primarily focused upon search engine techniques that favour the big, the powerful, and the existing majors. Local small and innovative struggle to be recognised in this ocean of activity. It can also be costly to become known on the wider digital frontier, whereas our local focus greatly assists visibility.

CityLeaves redresses the imbalance of globally focussed digital activity into a better community cohesion focus…

This does nor preclude national operators but does ask them for more localised digital representation.

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