Who Is It For?

CityLeaves is for everyone and everything and every enterprise within each city.

Focussing upon community integration, encouraging a local economic focus. It mitigates against the forthcoming adverse effects of a digitally Globalized economy which will impoverish some locations whilst empowering others at the expense of the majority.

CityLeaves has a city and community integrating focus.

It cuts through dominating search monoliths power structures, with their expensive and technically

Redresses the search parameters elitism in favour of the local and smaller enterpriseā€¦. to be simpler quicker and locally focused to the benefit of the local community

It could help save your community and stop your city centre from becoming a charity shop theme park.

It provides a digital platform for local content, local interest as well as an option for income creation based upon contributions. It also is a great platform for encouraging localised retailing.

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