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The Internet has taken huge strides in breaking down geographical barriers  that once existed, now connections with anywhere in the world can be made with the click of a button, however this has had an unintended consequence, which has left the Internet disjointed.

Although Search Engines are highly effective in many scenarios they neglect the significance of a locational hook to content. CityLeaves approaches content with a new strategy of bringing content under a solid anchor point of its location.

We have constructed a hub and a formula that any city can follow to bring all its content under one location. A city focused digital place.

What is CityLeaves – the local internet


It is a localised subset of the Internet.


This system is a fully focused online service that focuses upon a city. It cohesively joins up and connects all the city activities from retailing to transport from the entertainment to local history – everything about the location.


Contributors are the service providers, the businesses and the people of the city a connection or an interest about it.


Its aims are to immunise the local activities and commerce against the economic impoverishment that Globalization can do to a ‘place’.


Its aim is first to gather contributors and simultaneously alert the overall city community to understand the near future effects of digital….



The general internet operates mainly as silos of self centred activity. What is meant by this is that each and every website is attempting to signal to the users that their site, their goods or services are useful and good etc in an attempt to bring people to their website and no other. This divide and conquer operation suits certain global corporations who can raid local populations by offering low cost services and goods. This effectively sucks out from the community/ city a large proportion of trade which with margins stretched as they are for local and physical vendors is the difference between survival or failure.



A call to people, service providers, retailers and local authorities to co-operate digitally to contribute etc.


Online a business, a service or a group independently tries to signal to prospective customer or clients to come too them. This means services such as SEO and effectively this means obtaining high results in Google.


Whereas we encourage a community operation.


A cohesive geographically based digital network has many advantages none the least a far better application for bringing together the local population with local suppliers.


It’s a great platform for any interested contributor to have digital representation.


Each and every service or vendor can rapidly be found by multiple speedy and accurate search methods of type, location, concept etc.


When an illusionary competitive barrier is removed and a location community is based upon co-operative factors then the prosperous something cities of the past can become a model to rise again digitally…

such as


Better rewards


It is a localised subset of the Internet a smaller more integrated and therefore easier location to be found within than the wider internet in which local has to compete for visibility with a Globalized web.

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