A City Focused Community on the Internet

CityLeaves is a service that operates as a focused community on the internet. Core content about each contributing city is generated a nucleus. Then further contributions connections and interlinking is encouraged from local businesses and services and any individual.

That’s just the start: part two is to obtain local authority support, not necessarily financial, that would be nice, but in these times of austerity cut backs its not expected.

We simply request to upgrade some of the city advertising locations to have new or replacement modern digital advertising positions. These will also generate a totally free and CityLeaves focused Wifi service.

Similar contributory services have been operating on the web – service for content contributions from anyone with a theme a story an idea or a product to describe. Squidoo, HubPages, Sirgo, RebelMouse and others, we are differentiated as we focus entirely on single geographical areas, cities.

Also we are introducing a new search concept.

This search concept dispenses with the industries current obsession with SEO – Search engine optimization, essentially techniques that are often expensive, time consuming and sometimes hit and miss and generating massive incomes for many including Google in the form of Adwords. Its all about the struggle to be noticed on the web and stand out from the crowd and reach a page one (Google) search result as that leads to more traffic too a website.

Our alternative is to host a partial internet as a Peer to Peer INTERNET a subset within which search seek and find is rapid and localised. The CityLeaves service is constructed as a cohesive integrated database with multiple simple search parameters which flattens out hierarchical search results thus giving everyone and everything the capability of visibility.

Operating within a structured and locally focused network like ours means that otherwise ‘silo’ based independent websites can be more visible, operate in an integrated way, be easily located within it and still operate on the international world wide web. The advantages for locally based enterprises is obvious; they will be reachable.

Furthermore we actively encourage forward linking to contributors websites and give a greater share of any advertising and affiliates marketing to our contributing stake-holders.

CityLeaves is a community focused service combating the potential dire effects of Globalization on local communities across the globe; CityLeaves is in now way a political movement and is not associated with any activist groups in regard to anti-Globalization our focus is upon the negative aspects of it on local services and communities and is outlining options to counter it whilst strengthening local communities.

Act internationally but concentrate focus locally. CityLeaves reverses the trend towards one set of totally dominating internet methods.

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