Welcome to CityLeaves

CityLeaves are pages dedicated to a location a city or a town.

Public DataWeb build a core of content for the city and host it on the internet. CityLeaves may also be built by anyone with an interest or a connection to a city.

The system encourages contributions from personal content, to anything from a business to a hobby or a group activity, charity or a city agency: all combing and building up to a comprehensive information service focused upon each city.

The methods to input content have been made to be very simple.

We have already trialled several city locations and are now embarking upon upgraded our software platform learning the lessons of our recent year long pilot tests, London, Manchester and Liverpool.

We will be integrating our modifications into a new combined service for outdoor digital advertising controls and with a multilingual CityLeaves, including Chinese.

Contributing writers will be able to share in the advertising revenues that their pages, er, Leaves generate.

CityLeaves will be available, of course on the internet but also with free WiFi access in certain participating city locations where our outdoor digital hubs are installed.

Several cities in China are to be the first locations, followed by one in Sweden. We hope to have some systems in UK and USA cities too.