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My background is within the micro-computer business since 1978. Working in sales and marketing on early systems - good old DOS days. Throughout the 1980's I operated my own company that held research and deployment systems based around Prestel - a precursor to the Internet: devising simple Touch Screen methods for public access to government systems - Job Vacancies. In the nineties my company developed services on the early Internet again for touch screen simplicity. In the new 21st century my company (Public DataWeb) tested and deployed outdoor systems plus FREE WiFi in some UK cities. These were withdrawn with the advent of council cuts in 2010. (See: Umbrella iKiosk)

Since that time I have been using my skills regarding website developments in Search Engine Optimization. Then, using these skills to become documented for authors.

The reason I did this followed my experiences in writing a book about the youth culture of Mods and Soul Music I was involved in the 1960s as a DJ - The Manchester Wheelers. I resolved to put my experiences of book publishing and developing web-presence and de-mystifying SEO to good use for other authors - THE BOOK-KIT was the result.

Having got the writing bug I am planning further books on various subjects, including the bureaucratic barriers that small companies face in providing technology services to government agencies and city authorities!

Oh yes, I am not forgetting my business; that is currently undergoing a metamorphosis: a large R&D project both in software and hardware. The outcome will result in a range of digital outdoor advertising systems that concurrently provide free internet access and Free public access WiFi... and there is another book idea!


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