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The Book-Kit is based on the real experiences of producing a book through the accepted channels with a major Print On Demand digital publisher. Finding out that their ‘expertise’ was less than satisfactory. Having some of my own understandings and experience of website systems and developments I set about re-doing everything. Using my knowledge to dig out all the requirements to publish and then promote my book on my own website was the way to go. It sold reasonably well and I recovered all my costs from first going in the wrong direction and then starting again.

This experience gave me insights useful to others. The results of my two year investigation into all things connected with the self publishing and internet marketing and SEO web presence ‘industries’ resulted in The Book-Kit.

“Until I learned about the methods in The Book-Kit I thought it was harder to self publish than it was to write the book!”  - a selected quote from a reader.

See what author Tahir Shah has to say about publishers and self publishing.

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