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The Book-Kit is designed to help authors publish their books themselves. It provides all the information required to publish your book as a physically printed book or as an ebook or both! It is packed with real experiences and knowledge, advice, hints and tips from online book marketing to website optimization. Real experiences gained by the author gives you the low down on the basics of SEO. The book divulges secrets that Search Engine Optimization professionals want you to pay for, it advices authors how to do it and provides in plain English simple techniques to enhance web-presence.

The Book-Kit provides the basic techniques and html code made easy enough for almost anyone to use to gain high page ranking: information useful for anyone who wants to promote their products or website and not just for authors.

It begins with a real life publishing story – a real experiences in publishing a book, followed by the mistakes and recovery and the discovery of best road to Self Publishing. This is by taking control of the entire process from start to finish by building an authors website, selling books direct using hitherto ‘secrets’ of SEO and Google page rank targets.

It’s a how to guide; but from the perspective of travelling already the self publishing road which readers will benefit from such experiences and advice.

An insight into Print on Demand publishing from an author, who has made the journey, met the pitfalls and found the way out of the digital publishing jungle.

The insights, experiences and recommendations in The Book-Kit could save you a lot of time, effort and money.

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